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Welcome to Andrew Rader United States Army Health Clinic Medical Records 

The Patient Administration Department provides unparalleled dedication and selfless service to the patients, clinical staff and employees of the Andrew Rader United States Army Health Clinic. This office will maintain vigilant service and commitment to being the premiere health care system in the Northern Regional Medical Command. The mission of the Patient Administration Department is to provide support and assistance to the staff of Andrew Rader United States Health Clinic and its beneficiary population on all medical record related matters. The Andrew Rader United States Health Clinic’s Patient Administration Department currently secure and maintains over 12,000 outpatient treatment records.

In accordance with AR 40-66, medical records are the property of the United States Government. It is the responsibility of the Patient Administration Department to ensure that medical records are safeguarded from loss, tampering, and from unauthorized release of information. 

Services Offered

  • Extract records for patients that have scheduled appointments (this service prevents patients from waiting in line in order to sign out their medical records because the medical record will already be at the appropriate clinic).
  • Repair medical records IAW AR 40-66.
  • Issue mandatory Third Party Collection cards to patients.
  • File medical documentation in medical records.
  • Provide eligibility statement for patients that have a prescription from a civilian physician.
  • Transfer records and medical documentation to other Medical Treatment Facilities.
  • Print medical warning tags (allergy tags). 


  • Must be Prime to this facility before submitting a request.
  • All requests must be done in person. This office does not fax medical information (unless it is an emergency) or receive emails regarding patient information.
  • Request on the behalf of any individual over the age of 18 must have and show proper documentation before request is submitted. (DD Form 2870, see below; or Power of Attorney)
  • All requests for copies of medical records for retirement should be submitted as early as six months or no later than 45 business days prior to final out processing.


DD Form 2870 Authorization for Disclosure of Medical Records 

  • Fill out this form to request a copy of your medical record and fax to Medical Records.
  • Include a front and back copy of your picture ID with the faxed request.
  • Faxing the request is possible but it is preferred that requests are made in person due to poor picture quality when faxed.

DD Form 2870 Authorization for Disclosure of Medical Records

  • This form is used to request the paper record that is kept in the colored medical records jacket in order to get the medical record transferred from one military treatment facility to another upon PCS moves.
  • The gaining unit’s address information is placed in the Return To: section at the bottom left of the form.
  • The losing unit’s address and contact information is placed in the To: section in the upper left hand corner of the form.
  • Family member’s information can be written in block #9 in order to get those records sent. The requestor will sign block #10.
Contact Information 
Phone: 703-696-7984

Mon, Wed, Fri:  0730 - 1600

Tue, Thu: 0730 - 1500


1st floor, across from Pharmacy