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Frequently Asked Questions

What services are offered?

The Andrew Rader US Army Health Clinic (ARUSAHC) Pharmacy processes new, renewal, and refill prescriptions. A maximum of a 90-day supply can be dispensed for maintenance medications at any given time. Controlled substances are dispensed at a maximum of a 30-day supply (with few exceptions).

What are the hours of operation?

ARUSAHC Pharmacy is open Monday - Friday from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. It is closed on weekends, holidays, and designated training holidays. Additionally, the pharmacy is closed the first Wednesday of every month for training except for December and January.

What is the process for picking up a prescription at ARUSAHC Pharmacy?

Patients will be asked to obtain a ticket from the Q-Flow ticket machine. The system places the   patient in a queue and directs them to a window for prescription processing.

How do I get a prescription refilled? 

Prescription refills may be requested in advance in a couple of ways. A patient can call the automated refill line at 1-800-377-1723. Ensure you have your prescription numbers readily available. An alternate method is through the online Pharmacy Refill System which can be accessed HERE. Requested refills are available for pick-up 2 business days after they are called in

What medications are on formulary?

A drug formulary is a list of prescription drugs, both generic and brand name, used by practitioners to identify drugs that offer the greatest overall value. The National Capital Region Joint Operations  Area (NCR-JOA) Unified Medication Formulary is available online by clicking HERE. If you would like a complete list of the formulary, click “Download Alphabetical Formulary List (PDF).”

Can a family member pick up my prescription for me?

Yes. Persons wishing to pick up medications for family members over the age of 10 must have the patient’s ID card (or a front and back copy or picture of it on their smart phone).

How can I properly dispose of expired or unwanted medication?

A MedSafe medication collection receptacle is available inside ARUSAHC to drop of any expired or unwanted medications during normal pharmacy operating hours.

Can my civilian provider submit prescriptions to your pharmacy electronically?

Yes. ARUSAHC Pharmacy can now process electronic prescriptions from civilian providers for non-controlled medications. Hardcopy prescriptions are still required for all controlled substances. If you would like to take advantage of this method of getting your prescriptions filled, let your provider know to select the site: DoD Ft Myer Phcy. It is important to note that electronic prescriptions will only be processed once the patient arrives at the pharmacy.

Does your pharmacy accept prescription transfers?

Yes. If you would like prescriptions transferred from another pharmacy to be filled at the ARUSAHC Pharmacy, we are happy to  help! Please print out this form TRANSFER FORM.PDF and bring it to the pharmacy filled out with as much information in Section A as you know. You can either drop this form in our Hardcopy Prescription Drop-Off Box or pull a ticket number from the Q-Flow machine. Your prescriptions will normally be available for pick-up 2 business days (after 11:00 AM) after it is dropped off. If we have any issues, we will call you and let you know.

Can I drop off a hardcopy prescription and return later for pickup?

Yes.  A hardcopy prescription drop-off box is available at the pharmacy concierge desk in the front of the pharmacy. Please write the following on the back of each prescription being dropped off:

  1. Full name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Phone Number

**Your prescriptions will be available for pick up 2 business days after they are dropped off**

**Patients with hardcopy prescriptions requiring same-day prescription processing should pull a ticket and have a seat**

Contact Information 
Phone: 703-696-3616 / 3540

Mon - Fri: 0730 - 1630

The pharmacy temporarily closes for 30 minutes every Wednesday between 0830 - 0900 for a weekly team huddle. 


401 Carpenter Road

Building 525

Fort Myer, VA 22211