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Overseas Suitability Screening
All family members who will accompany the Soldier to a location
outside of CONUS at government expense must be screened for special needs
and the potential EFMP enrollment (CONUS-to-OCONUS or OCONUS-to-OCONUS
All family members who require special services due to an identified
Per AR 608-75, overseas screening must be done prior to issuance of
Family travel orders.
Family Members will be screened when Soldiers are at an OCONUS duty
station serving an unaccompanied tour and request command sponsorship/
Family member travel, including Soldiers who acquire Family members OCONUS.
Hours of Operation
o             Monday - Wednesday, Friday 0730-1600
o             Closed Weekends and Federal Holidays
o             Closed first Wednesday of every month for mandatory training
1st floor; Check in at the Readiness Clinic
Family members (72 months and older) require a physical exam within
12 months of the OCONUS report date
New family members who have not established military medical
records, must schedule a physical with their primary medical provider and
complete a DD 2792 and 2792-1 (if applicable)
Family members who do not live near an MTF, must contact the closest
EFMP Coordinator for a physical exam letter and SF 506 (Medical Evaluation)
Soldier obtains DA Form 5888 (Deployment Screening) from his/her
military personnel's reassignment office. NOTE: The DA Form 5888 must be
signed and dated by their military personnel reassignment point of contact
in block 8A-8E. The MTF will NOT schedule an overseas screening appointment
if it  has not been signed.
Soldier completes DA Form 7246 (EFMP Screening Questionnaire) prior
to screening appointment.
Once the paperwork (to include the 2792) an appointment for the
screening can be made
Schedule an overseas Family member screening appointment by calling
703.696.0073 at Rader Clinic, Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall (JBM-HH).
The medical provider will review the paperwork with each patient and
determine suitability. The DA Form 5888 and DA Form 7246 must be
authenticated with an MTF stamp from an authorized medical provider. (Note:
Not all medical providers can perform overseas screenings. If a
non-authorized physician signs the forms and / or the forms are not stamped
by the MTF, military personnel will NOT accept them, and orders will be
The DA Form 5888 and DA Form 7246 (once signed and stamped
appropriately) will be returned to the SM who will take the forms to the
military personnel reassignment office for processing.
If EFMP enrollment is determined to be warranted, the EFMP
coordinator will process the DD Form 2792.
EFMP Coordinator