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Secure Messaging

You can now communicate with our office online using the Army Medicine Secure Messaging Service (AMSMS) provided by Relay Health. Of course, you can still call us, or come in for a face-to-face office visit-this is just an added option for you. Our central appointment line is still available at 855-227-6331.  Instructions on how to register, can be found below.

Registering for Online Access To Our Office

"To register to use RelayHealth, you MUST sign-up in person at the clinic.
This process is in place to ensure proper patient identification and
information security.  At the clinic, you will be asked to fill out a very
short form.  The front-desk receptionist will then input that information
into the RelayHealth system, which will then generate and send you an
enrollment acceptance email. Within this email there will be a link for you
to click that will take you to a registration page.  It is only through this
link that you can properly enroll in RelayHealth.  Please DO NOT go directly
to the RelayHealth website to register. If you do, you will receive a
message stating that your enrollment request has been denied.   For more
information, please contact the clinic and we will gladly assist you."

Is the Online Communication Service Difficult to Use?

We think you’ll find the messaging service neatly organized and easy to use. The first time you log in, we recommend taking a few seconds to review the Quick Tour presentation that pops up in your browser window.

What Healthcare Services Can I Access Online?

Available services are listed below. Once you select the type of message you’d like to send, you simply compose the message and send it to us. AMSMS is not for urgent of emergent metters since a response may not be immediate. Please allow up to 3 business days for routine communications.

Consult Your Doctor (webVisitTM)

Use a webVisit to consult us about non-urgent health conditions or symptoms. In a webVisit, you’re presented with a series of questions about your symptoms and other important health information. Your answers help us determine the best course of treatment for you.

Request An Appointment

Request an appointment online and avoid waiting on hold or playing phone tag with our office.

Request Medication Refills

Request a prescription renewal when you need additional refills for a prescribed medication. Once we approve your request, we can electronically route it to your pharmacy for filling.

Request a Lab or Test Result

Ask us to forward information about recent lab results or diagnostic tests to you electronically.

Send a Note To Your Doctor or Doctor’s Office

Use this feature to ask routine administrative and health questions.

To access the Army Medicine Secure Messaging Service (AMSMS) Click HERE


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